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Friday, January 14, 2011

Drunken Focus Group January 22nd!

Hey, hey, hey, Kats and Kitten! Mamma's and Papas! It's your ol' pal, Peter! Miss me? I'll be hosting Drunken Focus Group next Saturday night, January 22nd! The show is brought to you by two of the funniest guys I know, Tim Warner and Jon Savoy, and also this other funny dude, Bill Chambers, whom I've yet to meet. ("He's a wonderful guy and a great comedian", says my friend Becca Chiappone.)

Here's all the info:

  • Drunken Focus Group RETURNS!
  • Saturday, Januray 22nd @8:00pm
  • The Limerik House
  • 69 West 23rd Street @ 6th Avenue
  • New York, New York!

Yup. Yours truly hosts a night of comedy featuring:

Keith Alberstadt
(Letterman, SNL, Fallon)
Adrienne Iapalucci
(Last Comic Standing)
Travis LeBlanc
(Our Amazing Show)

with musical guest JOE YOGA!

Joe Yoga's a pal of mine for a couple years now. Always there with a smile and a handshake, Yoga'a kind of got this Bob Dylan-esque thing going on with his music. A favorite song of mine that he does is Easy Rider, a sort of acrimonious love note to New York City.

Jon Savoy is without a doubt one of the funniest New York comics out there. As if it weren't enough that his clever bits start out powerhouse strong, they crescendo into a heavyweight champion barrage of one-two punches that leave his audience down for the count without even knowing what hit them.

Tim Warner is a Lower East Side Celebrity. Less of a "comedian" and more of a "Prophetic Humorist," his signature style of finding beauty in the abject is part of what garnered him his own show, A Flawed Pursuit of Happiness, in 2010. Check out his new Podcast, The Joker in the Rye, HERE.

I'm also looking forward to meeting and working with the other three comics as well.

Hope to see you there next Saturday.


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