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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Letter To Folks On My Mailing List This Week!

Dear Fans,
Happy New Year!

Last week, President Black Guy gave his second official State of the Union Address. In it, he called for Americans to be competitive and innovative; for rivals to work together toward common goals; and urged doofuses to please ask a smart person for help in understanding why caring for a sick person is actually a pretty swell idea.

The president's annual address was also unique this year in that it marked the first time people who hate each other (in this case Republicans and Democrats) sat all mixed up and next to each other in the House Chamber in hopes that it might make for a more peaceful environment. It was an idea that didn't work in Homeroom or Study Hall, but seemed to lighten the mood, prevent spitballs, and at least stop loud outbursts from that one bad kid in the back of the room from South Carolina.(See story)

It was a pretty decent speech, and we here at The Skinny hope that it sets the tone for 2011 to be a year full of promise, hope, and stupid people like Florida pastors, texting quarterbacks, and Former Alaska Governors for example, being made to seem even stupider. That being said...

and Now For the Big News!!!

My new full length stage show The Skinny with Peter DeGiglio opens Wednesday, March 16th at The Tank Theater in New York City!!!*

I am extremely excited to have developed what started out as a weekly stand-up routine into a full-fledged show! This new show will not only feature Yours Truly's unique comic styling that you've been seeing and hearing this past year, but I will also include poignant interviews with a special guest panel of high-profile pop, cult and political figures! That's right. I've already booked two exciting guests for the March 16th debut. Joining me that evening will be Rusty Ward from the award winning BarelyPolitical.com (The folks who brought you the famous "Obama Girl" video) and well known community organizer and political commentator Sally Kohn (this woman has been on Fox News to give them what for!!!).

I can't wait for the opportunity to interview these people on the events that shape our nation and our world!

And Here's How You Can Help Produce The Show!

In order to produce what will prove to be a truly relevant piece of theater (especially given today's political climate!) I'm going to need money. Ya know, cash, moolah, bills, scratch, dough. I've started a Kickstarter campaign where you can pledge donations to help me compensate my staff and my guests and pay for things like advertising and promotional items!


I'm asking all of you to rally up your troops for me. If you know anyone who owns a small business and you think may be interested in providing a corporate sponsorship for The Skinny, by all means contact me! I'm offering exclusive advertisement rights and product placement. Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested in being an official corporate sponsor for The Skinny with Peter DeGiglio!

Thank you all so much.

Peace, love, and macaroni,

Peter DeGiglio

Learn more about my March 16th Guests!
Sally Kohn
Rusty Ward

*Yes, blog readers already knew this!

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